Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's time to move on: Part II

i knew going in that there was a chance for failure, but everything worth anything has got that type of chance.

she convinced me that i wouldn't fail, so I battled the thoughts, memories and tears of yesteryear and gave it a go. but i couldn't do it.

i was crazy for her, i'm sure i still am, that's for sure. (thanx Paolo)

i had to slow it down. to lie it down. to step back and realize that she was the best damn thing that ever did happened to me, and the crazy son of a bitch that i was, well, was pushing her away.

to realize that she's the one that i want to wake with in the morning and listen to the winds of the night next to.

but these streets of chicago have far too many names for me: musician, artist, bum, liar, drunk, poet, lover, weeper and friend to name a few.

but i can't remember who it is that i actually am anymore and instead, i play to the names i am called.

my dreams have been drained, denied, changed and re-born by this big bad city that i live in. all while i have searched for the change that i've lost in the couch.

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