Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Girl and her Guitar

If somebody asked you what it was that you found sexy about a woman, what would your answer, or answers, be? Maybe the size of her boobies. Maybe the color of her eyes. The shape of her booty. The way she wears her hair. And for the sick fucks, the way her pits smell after working out. Some might even go as far to say one of her skills. Like playing the guitar. Now, by no means am I suggesting that any of these following ladies can actually play the guitar, but if they can, they just moved up the cool kid charts. Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sexy 20-Something of the Week: Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, 20-year old bombshell from Portsmoth, London. If it were up to her, she'd be banging out on top of a guy each time she had sex and that she dreams about getting Megan Fox and Johnny Depp naked, at the same time, in the same bed, with her. According to, Miss Martin is the first to admit that her cuffs don't match her collar. Confused? Think hard boys. Come on...think carpet and drapes. There ya go. She's 5'2, weighs a buck four, has a 32C-25-31 frame

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Gal for the Day

Every now and again, as men, we like to meet some totally random gal, you know what I mean? Never seen her before, never heard a thing about her from any of our buddies and she was never on the news for protesting against the use of whatever it is hot chicks protest against these days. But this, this beautiful specimen of perfection is Ines. Don't know her last name, where she's from or anything else about her. And to be a random gal, you gotta keep the data to a minimal.
Enjoy the pics.

New Girl of the Week: Tommie Jo Connolly

A smoking hot bombshell from across the pond, Tommie Jo Connolly was born October 31, 1986 (23) in the United Kingdom. She stands at 5'7, 130 lbs. with the measurements of 32DD-26-36. You can find her on the web as just Tommie Jo or TJ. You know the drill...enjoy the pics.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Butt...Butt...Butt...What do you mean?

Some guys like tits. Others like legs. And some bastards even like armpits. I, as well as the majority of men I assume, like asses. Not those little, tiny, "I can fit both cheeks in the same hand" asses. Please, don't assume I like big asses, because I don't. I like those big asses that are rockhard and round. In my years of study, I've found that women who are Puerto Rican, Armenian, Asyrian and Syrian have the perfect asses that I speak about. Enough blabbering.
Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sexy 20-Something of the Week: Sunny Leone

She was born May 13, 1981 (28) as Karen Malhotra. You probably know her as Sunny Leone; Indo-Canadian pornographic actress, businesswoman and model. in 2003, she was named the Penthouse Pet of the Year. She is 5'4, weighs a buck ten, has brown eyes, BLACK hair and a 34C-24-34 body. She had a role in the Elisha Cithbert film, The Girl Next Door will have a role in the upcoming Will Ferrell movie. Whateer that is, I'm gonna see it.

Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waiting for Summer with Kara

It seems that every sexy girl has a hot friend named Summer. This girls name is Kara though, and it would appear that with her cute lil swimsuit on, she's waiting for Summer. Maybe a friend? Maybe the dreadfully hot months of the year? Who knows. I really couldn't care less. You know the drill, enjoy the pics.