Monday, April 28, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to join Bushwood Country Club

I've been around for thirty years, 10,950 days, give 'er take a couple leap years. And I've heard far too many seventh inning "Take me out to the ball game" songs butchered. And seen too many "I can't dance to save my ass" touch down dances. And again, too many of this, that or the other things at any sporting event to celebrate something that kids since the age of six have been doing for fun the entire lives.

But golf. The beautiful game that I've never played, beside a fist pump or somebody falling onto the shortly trimmed grass on hole 18 at Augusta after winning, there isn't too much craziness in the game. That is, unless of course, your playing at Bushhwood.

10. Outstanding Upkeep

Here at Bushhwood, we prefer to play, in both game and life, in the cleanliest possible way. Beside the remarkable beauty of our holes, each day the swimming pool is drained, scrubbed and sanitized for you pleasure.

9. Great Relationships

Growing up, all young men need a leader, a mentor if you will. At Bushwood, no matter what problem any young man may be having, there is always somebody that he can look to for guidance and assistance. If you'll be hitting the links all day to smoke stogies and drain pints of Grolsh with your boys and have no time to spend with your son, there will be no problem with letting him share time with our personal assistant Ty.

8. World Wisdom

Where else can you find people that are so well traveled to help you with your game? Sure, Carl is just a grounds keeper, but the cat has seen and been through a lot and appears to have no problem with lending his knowledge to the youth of the club.

7. Dedication

Beside being full of knowledge, Carl is also dedicated to making everybody's experience at Bushwood wonderful. Sure, he might get carried away from time to time and appear to be doing things that he should never be doing, but he does it all for the love of the game, baby.

6. Strong morales

And if you do decide to join Bushwood, and we're sure you will, if there are ever any legal issues you need dissolved, we have a lawer ready and willing to assist you with your case.

5. Family atmosphere

At times you, or any member of your family, might not know exactly what's going on in life, much like Ty, but hey, everybody has bad days. As a member, all other members are your family and can be relied upon to assist with anything.

4. Fun atmosphere

Bushwood is indeed a fun atmosphere, but remember to always be safe. Just because you're playing the gentleman's game, doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for anything, and or, everything at all times.

3. Friendly environment

It's a very open and friendly golf community, Bushwood is. A place where doors are left open for everybody and "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine" does indeed apply. If you need something, ask. If we've got it, we'll give it. No questions asked.

2. Strong course up-keep

Bushwood prides itself in its beautiful courses. We keep them beautiful year round for your playing experience. If there is anything, we mean ANYTHING, that can be done to contribute to a better playing community, let us know and it shall be done. *There shall be no rodents at Bushwood.

1. Fulfill your dreams

After you've played a round or a dozen, and your game has significantly improved, who's to say that it wont be you that wins the Master's next year.