Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top Ten Big Lebowki Ideas for Life.

Football. Check. Baseball. Check. Hockey. Check. Bowling. Uh.......check.

Once upon a time, when I wasn't too busy ruining the credibility of this sport blog, (Thanx anonymous guy who comments on my Friday lists) that is done by a group of guys who "have no credibility" (thanx Giangreco), I wanted to be a bowler. As a kid, I was alright. As a teen, I was a lil' better. And now as an adult, the only thing I worry about while bowling is where I parked my car and who it is that's with my ex a couple two-tree lanes down. But if I were "the Dude", I wouldn't have a care in the World, now would I? And to have everything in my life to be so understandable, with people always there to help me up when I fall and guide me in the right direction wouldn't be too bad of a thing either. Perhaps this film is more than a funny movie about a Dude and his rug, but instead, how to live a life? And for those of you who can't, won't or don't accept the fact that bowling is a sport, well, I'll let Walter deal with you later. My Top Ten moments of The Big Lebowski.

10. Every Dude

Dude, could you only imagine how, like, easy it would be, dude, to call everybody that you knew dude? Dude, you would never have a problem with remembering any dude's name, dude. It, would be awesome, dude.

9. The scary guy everybody wonders about.

You've all seen him. That one cat who everybody is scared to talk to because he appears to be a little different. Or a lot different. and then it's a good thing you didn't talk to him.

8.The friends who are always there for you.

We've all got these guys. The ones who'll bust your ass every chance the get, but when it really comes down to it, they'll be the guy who is standing right next to your ass before a fight breaks out.

7.The guy who thinks he's better than you.

Come on, no matter how good we were, or still are, at anything, there always will be that one douche bag who feels that he is better than you on his worst day. Cock suckers.

6.Everybody has those weird feelings

The weird feelings that somebody is watching you, or following you through the store or some other crazy shit like that. No, Danny, not the weird feeling you get when you see me eating peanuts in the shell.

5.That hot girl

You've all seen her. That smoking hot beauty waiting in line in front of you at the store. Or in the car next to you at the red light. And you've all wished that the girl would say something along the lines of what Bunny says in the movie. But, all you get is "Are you looking at my tits, asshole?" Making us all learn the lesson to always wear sunglasses.

4.The old smart guy

And all of us have, or have had, this guy in our lives. Could have been your dad, you uncle, a buddies dad or the weird guy who lived behind your house growing up. These old cats always know what's best for us, so shut up and listen when Clark is speaking to you Dubs.

3. Challenges

We'll face many throughout our lives, some harder than others to deal with. Whatever the case, don't back down from a thing, especially guys like Jesus.

2.Remember the rules

Always, in life and in sport, play by the rules. Cheating ain't worth it because 20 years down the road, when you look at the pictures of you having the state championship medal placed around your neck, you'll remember that you should have lost that championship match, but ya' didn't 'cause you're a cheating shit bag.

1. Always remember who you are

No matter how good you get at anything, remember that you didn't go it alone. There have always been people that pushed you when you stopped (Mom and Dad), those who laughed when you lost and made you so pissed you worked much harder and got much better just to beat their ass (Egglund) and convinced you to do whatever it was that you wanted your life to become. (You know who you are.)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Top Ten Sexiest Sports Reporters

People have said that women who work as broadcast sports reporters, only have the jobs that they hold to draw the attention of male viewers to the networks they respectively work for. It couldn't be that these women actually have a love for the sports that they cover. Nor could it be that these women have a knowledge of the game better than that of most of the disgruntled arm-chair quarterbacks who graduated high school in '86 and still wear their letter man jackets to the family owned grocery on the corner of Ridge and Waubonsie roads. I leave that for you to decide, but these are my Top Ten Sexiest Sports Reporters.

10. Mieke Buchan

Since her re-location to the United States from some far-and-away land, Buchan has continued to cover the world’s largest sports and entertainment events on networks including, but not limited to: ABC, ESPN, Fox Sports Net, National Geographic, Encore, and the Tennis Channel. Buchan has co-hosted the last five Super Bowl broadcasts from the field.

9. Lindsay Czarniak

O.K. so there are obviously question as to if NASCAR is actually a sport. And I have an answer. A sport, to me, includes mental and physical strength, a diverse plan of attack and, well, gorgeous women. So with the conditions drivers deal with week in and week out (dehydration and death even=physical), deciding how far their car can travel, on both a certain amount of fuel and the last time the tires were changed (=mental) and sexy Lindsay reporting from the garages at tracks across the country, NASCAR is definitely a sport.

8. Lindsey Soto

Lindsey seems to do it all. She has done assignments which have included: Sideline reporter for USC/UCLA football games, the Los Angeles Avengers, the Los Angeles Sparks, host of Southern California Sports Report, host of L.A. Times High School Spotlight and host of USC Sports Magazine Show, among other programs. Could she possibly be more busy?

7. Ashley Russell

Ashley hosts, "Rivals Minute" and talks for more than two minutes each time. I don't really understand why the show is called "Rivals Minute". Any-who, she makes this list because of her sporting knowledge and her love for Notre Dame? (TTCS side: Freddy does not, nor will he ever, like Notre Dame.)

6. Sarah Kustok

Chicago's own went to Carl Sandburg High School and DePaul University to shoot hoops and now reports for Comcast News. Besides all that, she is pretty good lookin'. If you couldn't tell, she's my Chicago link this week.

5. Jillian Barberie

I’m not sure if I can really call her a sideline hottie, though she’s undeniably a hottie, (in a dirty girl sort of way) but because of fear that she'd come to Chicago and whoop my ass. But in a way that even I don't understand, I might kinda enjoy it. Jillian used to do the weather before kickoffs on Fox NFL Sundays before the games.

4. Erin Bates

Erin joined SPEED’s AMA Supercross broadcast team for the 2006-07 season as a pit reporter. Her life in motorcycle racing began as a trophy girl for the International Freestyle Motocross Association but quickly moved behind a microphone and became a co-host for the FMX tour. Since 2003, she has been a live announcer for Supercross and a pit reporter for AMA Supermoto and AMA Motocross. If you need to know what the AMA Supercross, I.F.M.A or the FMX Tour are, look it up on the net, I don't know either.

3. Ines Sainz

Seriously, how many sport reporters get interviewed by other sport reporters at a sporting event? Sainz handles sideline soccer duties at TV Azteca for the masses any chance she has. It seems that most people, both men and women, who have posted anything about her on the web have come to the same conclusion: smoking hot body, greatest bum in the world, but her face ain't too good. I'm sorry previous posters, Freddy the Mercenary does not agree with your outlandish remarks. Here is the reasoning behind the two pic's of my #3: According to, "It takes Ines Sainz 3 hours to prep for a game: 6 minutes studying news reports and 2 hours, 54 minutes squeezing her ass into those jeans." 'Nuff said?

2. Leeann Tweeden

Tweeden-works for and is a regular contributor to their Best Damn Sports Show Period. She works the sidelines at games, dates athletes and visits the troops overseas. In a few words, this woman is awesome. She has modeled for promotional work for Hooters and Venus International along with Frederick’s of Hollywood and Playboy. She currently works as the co-host of FoxSports " Poker Dome Challenge". Again with the questions, is poker really a sport? See #9.

1. Erin Andrews

For a woman who has been so obviously busy in the world of sports, where the hell have I been?Hearing of Andrews, 29, as the "bee's knee's" of women in the sports reporting world, and having absolutely no clue who she was, made me question myself as both a journalist, and a man. I now understand why my fellow TTCS posters and three-quarters of the other guys we work with voted her #1. How pitiful was I to have never noticed this brilliant beauty on the sidelines? I didn't even know that Playboy magazine, in 2007, named her their own Sexiest Sports Reporter of the year. Sorry for being ignorant of your being Erin. She has covered games for the NHL, MLB, ESPN College Football Saturday, Saturday Primetime college basketball and the Great Outdoor Games. And she looks damn good in orange, if I do say so myself.