Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What is your definition of sexy?

When you hear the term sexy, what comes to mind?
Could be a gorgeous cheerleader from your college football team. Could be the business woman in her skirt-suit-thingy who comes into the coffee house you work at each morning at precisely 6:47 a.m. for her java. Could even be the likes of Megan Fox, Marissa Miller or Jessica Biel.
(No offense to the famous ladies I didn't mention, but come on, you know you're sexy, do you really need another lonesome blogger to give you props?)

It's not big tits. Or tiny asses. And it's not what their monetary value is. Or how good they perform in the bedroom, shower, living room, kitchen, side of the house, back of the truck or storage room at the bar/lounge/club you met them in.

To me, sexy is more than just the way she looks. It's her attitude. It's her confidence. And the way she makes the entire room feel her presence each time she walks into the mother fucker.
It's her strength to say whatever it is she feels like saying. And doing whatever the fuck it is she feels like doing when she wants to do it. It's the way she laughs in the faces of the douche bags who tell her she can't do whatever it is she wants to do because, well, she's a female. And, more times than not, the way she'll do whatever it is those douche bags told her she couldn't do because she sits to pee, will be better than the way they would have done it if she allowed them to do it for her.
It's the blonde's who wear dark eye make-up. And the redheads with dark red hair. And of course, without a doubt, the long black haired beauties, with perfect long legs and beautiful mahogany eyes, beautiful minds that can create the disasters and triumphs for themselves....and tattoos (no matter how small).

Enjoy the pics.