Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What is your definition of sexy?

When you hear the term sexy, what comes to mind?
Could be a gorgeous cheerleader from your college football team. Could be the business woman in her skirt-suit-thingy who comes into the coffee house you work at each morning at precisely 6:47 a.m. for her java. Could even be the likes of Megan Fox, Marissa Miller or Jessica Biel.
(No offense to the famous ladies I didn't mention, but come on, you know you're sexy, do you really need another lonesome blogger to give you props?)

It's not big tits. Or tiny asses. And it's not what their monetary value is. Or how good they perform in the bedroom, shower, living room, kitchen, side of the house, back of the truck or storage room at the bar/lounge/club you met them in.

To me, sexy is more than just the way she looks. It's her attitude. It's her confidence. And the way she makes the entire room feel her presence each time she walks into the mother fucker.
It's her strength to say whatever it is she feels like saying. And doing whatever the fuck it is she feels like doing when she wants to do it. It's the way she laughs in the faces of the douche bags who tell her she can't do whatever it is she wants to do because, well, she's a female. And, more times than not, the way she'll do whatever it is those douche bags told her she couldn't do because she sits to pee, will be better than the way they would have done it if she allowed them to do it for her.
It's the blonde's who wear dark eye make-up. And the redheads with dark red hair. And of course, without a doubt, the long black haired beauties, with perfect long legs and beautiful mahogany eyes, beautiful minds that can create the disasters and triumphs for themselves....and tattoos (no matter how small).

Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. The traditional day to give thanks for the years harvest and express your general gratitude to be living. The exact date of when the first Thanksgiving Feast was held is unclear; might have been at the Plymouth Plantation in 1621 when the original 13 colonies and their inhabitants partied like it was, well, 1621 by eating turkey legs, fresh yams and maybe pumpkin pie. Or, as elementary school teacher Robyn Gioia believes, a party that was started by the Spanish back in 1565 in Saint Augustine, Florida. Whatever the case may be, we all know it is a time to kick back with some cold turkey sandwiches, family and mom's pumpkin pie.

You and I will be thanking different people today, for I am not a farmer, so I can't give thanks for this years harvest that I reaped and sold. But I can give thanks to the farmers who did reap their harvests and sold them for me to eat. And I can give thanks to my family, my friends and a certain somebody who will never know how many thank you's she deserves from me for all the things that she did to change me into a better me.

You can thank your doctors, your teachers, your dog walkers and the milk man if you wish, but beside the already mentioned people I will be thanking today, these following women will also be getting thanked for making my life a better place by letting me look at their beautiful pictures.


Women with Black Hair and Dark Eyes (Juliana Araujo) and...
Women Who Aren't Affraid to get Nude in Public (Tina Kovacevic) and...
Women with Giant Ta-Ta's (Jessica Joy) and...
Women with Nipple Rings and...
Asian Women (CJ Miles) and...
More Women with Dark Hair (Megan Malone) and...
Women Who Still Look Hot with Clothes On (Sarah Frechette) and...
Women with Tattoo's (Monica Renee) and...
More Women with Black Hair (Bianca Jeffry) and...
Women in Big, Tall Socks (Tori Black) and...
Women with Little Ta-Ta's (Kimberly Kato) and...
More Women with Black Hair (Black Eve) and...
Women with Meduium Ta-Ta's (Black Anetta Keyes) and...
Women Who Wear Nothing but Knee High Boots and...
Women who are Still Sexy in their 40's (Janine Lindemulder) and...
Women with Cute Round Nipples (Heather Vandeven) and...
Women who Enjoy Cleaning Theirself (Alyssa Reece) and...
Women in the Wild (Jenn Nguyen) and...
Women with Nice Asses who enjoy Diet 7-Up and...
Women with Small Ta-Ta's and Redhair (Audra) and...
Women with Big Ta-Ta's and Redhair and...
Women who Frown on Wearing a Bra (Gabriella Barros) and...
Women Who Dress Like the Guy From A Clockwork Orange (Kate) and...
Women who Enjoy Being Naked in Bed (Giselle) and...
Women with Twin Sisters (Bia and Branca Feres) and...
Women with Sexy Stomachs and Hard Nipples (Carrie Du Four) and...
More Women Who Frown on Wearing a Bra (Elaine Alden) and...

More Women with Black Hair (Jenna) and...
Women Who Shower in White T-Shirts.
That might be it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Shower Pic of the Week: Part 11

The Canadian hottie is Alyssa Reece. (Who said nothing good comes from our neighbors to the North?) She was born May 3, 1986 (23) in British Columbia, Vancouver. She stands at 5'4 and tips the scales at a buck-ten. She's got her belly button pierced, her numbers are 34B-25-34. She has green eyes, brown hair and wears a size seven and a half shoe. But who gives a flying fuck, right?
Enjoy the pics.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cutie of the Week: Juliana Araujo

My Cutie of the Week:
Juliana Araujo.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What I like about you.

All my life, I've been around guys who have all said that the best things about women are their ta-ta's. Nevermind that these women may have higher levels of education than they hold. Or that they have more emotion/love toward something in the tips of their little toe than those guys have in their entire bodies. Don't get me wrong, I love ta-ta's as much as the guy next to me on the "L" does, but those body parts have never, nor will they ever, decide for me that the body that they are on will determine if I fall in love with the host or not. However, I do love the nipple; pierced or not. Not such a fan of the gi-normous nipple. But those cute little round ones that, if you suck on them, they might disappear. But I also like the nips that, when rock hard, be it from the cold weather of Chicago or excitement, seem like you can hang a heavy wool trench coat on them.
Enjoy the pics.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So dark...and worn...and faded.

Crush of the Month: Brianne

This is Brianne. If you look to the left, you'll see another pic of her at the pool. She was born June 22, 1984 (25) in Marshfield, MA. She graduated from UMass (Amherst) in 2006. She loves BBQ Chicken Potato Skins, drinking Coors Light, rooting on the Patriots and the Bruins and loves, LOVES, her adorable pooch Lily.

How do I know her? How kind of you to ask.

She and I used to write for a site that no longer exsists for some reason, something to do about money and blah, blah, blah. When Head of Fred started up, she wrote here as well, but I got a little carried away with the posting of scantly clad/semi-nude/bare-assed-nude women that she decided to stop. Can't say that I blame her. We keep in touch from time to time via the text message, but badly, I miss reading her words. Her story's made me feel that I wasn't the only person in the world that was having piles of cow shit tossed upon me. Her story's made me feel that something good was going to happen, eventually, for me.
Enjoy the pics, boys.

Boston got laid!!! The flower necklace, jack ass.
Boston posin' on the beach. (I didn't even know there were beaches on the East coast.)
Boston lookin' for trouble at a Bruins game.
Boston findin' it at the Bruins game.
Boston drinkin' at a Patriots game.
Boston showin' her appreciation for fans of the opposing team.
Boston with a friend and a green headed guy at a BoSox game.
Boston and Brandy, drinkin' at an event.
Boston and Carolyn relaxing at the beach.
Boston showin' her support for the troops.
Boston and Kate, 2 girls with 3 beers. You see why I'm crushin'?
Boston and Kiara representin' their Coors Light.
Boston and Heather Marie sharin' a straw.
Boston with the love of her life, Lily dog.
Boston and Carolyn, drinkin', in a kitchen, wearin' swimsuits?
Boston de-robbin' the poor girl who sat infront of her and blocked the Bruins game on t.v.
Boston and Carolyn, drinkin', on a bed, with what might be a dog.
Boston and Lynn, sharin' an ice cube?
Boston and Carolyn posin' for the camera.
Boston bein' made fun of by Carolyn and Allison for havin' weak bladder control.
Boston hoverin' over Lesley's head.
Boston smokin' a cigar at a party.
Boston, with Katrina and Keryn at the beach.
Boston might be an old skewl DJ.
Boston...LOVE this picture.
Boston showin' of her goods. Get your mind outta the gutter.
Boston at the beach.