Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spewf? What the hell are you thinking?

So, I came across this site today called Spewf. It seemed to be a nice spot; beautiful women and sport talk. And then I found myself at a page about Girls with Abs.

Now, the pics were nice but what Mr. Spewf had written about the ladies kinda pissed me off a bit:

"I’m not sure how I feel about abs on girls. Obviously I like girls that have flat stomachs and then there are a few that have abs. There are the obvious gross body building girls that are ripped everywhere and it just doesn’t look right since she should be a man."

He says that "there are a few that have abs", so, to get what he said correct, not all women are born with abdominal muscles? He must only be talking about the women who have paid their dues in the gym to get their ab muscles to rock hard perfection. But how dare he say that a woman who dedicates herself to looking good, and keeping in shape, "should be a man". Dick face.

But these following women have nice ab muscles and sexy stomachs. And I'm pretty thankful that none of them are men.

Enjoy the pics.

Gina Carano
Jen Cook
Random Hot Chick #1
Random Hot Chick #2
Random Hot Chick #3
Christina Vargas #1
Jamie Eason
Random Hot Chick #4
Christin Vargas #2
Random Hot Chick #5
Random Hot Chick #6
Random Hot Chick #7
Random Hot Chick #8
Random Hot Chick #9
Andressa Vieira
Random Hot Chick #10
Felicia Romero
Tricia Rollman
Christina Vargas #3
Casey Tuttle
Mindi Smith
Laura Coleman
Random Hot Chick #11

1 comment:

Spewf said...

When someone says that you have abs it means that you can see the abs and not fat over them.

Of course everyone has abs but whether or not that they show is a different story.

Like a fat guy doesn't have abs that show but rather fat.

Come on man.