Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cutie of the Week: Emy

A long time ago, I cam across a pic of a gal who completely made we want to move to wherever she was and become a bag boy at the local grocery just so my chances of "bumping" into her were better. But the only thing that I could find out about the beautiful blond with dark eyes was that her name was Emily. Or so I thought. It seems that these past years have gone to waste as I searched for Emily on the web. But today, oh this glorious 75 degree Chicago day, I have found the errors of my ways. Thanx to the boys over at Pleasure Girl, I have found that her name is not Emily, but instead, Emy. (If you click her name, you can go to her site, but sadly, you need to pay to see more of her.) I've found more pics, but I still can't find any info on her.

Enjoy the pics.

1 comment:

asher said...

I've seen some of those pics around the interweb. She is definitely a major hottie!