Sunday, November 15, 2009

What I like about you.

All my life, I've been around guys who have all said that the best things about women are their ta-ta's. Nevermind that these women may have higher levels of education than they hold. Or that they have more emotion/love toward something in the tips of their little toe than those guys have in their entire bodies. Don't get me wrong, I love ta-ta's as much as the guy next to me on the "L" does, but those body parts have never, nor will they ever, decide for me that the body that they are on will determine if I fall in love with the host or not. However, I do love the nipple; pierced or not. Not such a fan of the gi-normous nipple. But those cute little round ones that, if you suck on them, they might disappear. But I also like the nips that, when rock hard, be it from the cold weather of Chicago or excitement, seem like you can hang a heavy wool trench coat on them.
Enjoy the pics.

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