Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NSFW: Faked Photos of the Week

You need to realize these are all faked photo's  found by a cat who sent them to me today via email. One idea: Mr. Hefner, get on the phone with these ladies, like, yesterday.

Fake Jessica- Sure J.T. would have no prob with this. She ain't gonna be the good girl from 7th Heaven her whole life.

Fake Evangeline- It would be no problem at all being stuck on an island with her.
Fake Megan- Is she still with the DJ guy from the original 90210?  Fake Britney- After seeing her nude, ah, new video the other day, why the hell not, she's got the body back.

Fake Rachel- Her best friend from the O.C. is dead, Seth and Ryan might be sailing on a boat to Brokeback Mountain and she does need some new friends.

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