Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My New Favorite Sports Reporter

Sarah Spain was born August 18, 19?? in Cleveland, Ohio, moved to Illinois and raised in Lake Forest. She graduated from Cornell as an English major. (Hope you weren't thinking she's all body and no brains 'cause she grabbed her diploma with a 3.8 GPA. She is also a giant fan of the Chicago Cubs and Bears. Brains, beauty and a loyalty to Chicago sports? She may possibly the perfect woman.

Sarah caused a stir a few years back when she tried to auction herself off on eBay to a lucky bloke who spent enough cash to take her to the Super Bowl to watch her beloved Chicago Bears play the Colts. Before eBay pulled the auction off its site, even though Sarah clearly stated "I am not an escort. I am just offering my companionship in exchange for a ticket to the biggest game of the year", the bids received had hit $20,000.

She moved on from the episode to a career as a movie actress with roles in Souvenir, La La Land, That Ying Yang Thing and The Playbook. She's an accomplished writer, radio host and television personality, but most importantly, a professional fan.

She stands 5'11 and weighs in at a buck-fifty, but as far as her measurements go, you know, what size bra she wears, the info is top secret only known by herself and her man, I assume.

Though she hasn't had a peep hole film made of her (yet?) like Erin Andrews, you surely can imagine the debate of which would be the better film to see.

Chicago's Best Team Spain Sports a Little Cleavage. Otherwise, She is Uninteresting.There ya go. That is a pretty cute picture. Still, yawn.[sarahs.jpg]Sarah Spain PHOTOS

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