Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fashion Tip # Something or Another

The first time a woman dressed in lingerie for me to see, she wore an all white number; white corset, white panties, white garter belt, white stockings. It was the night we both lost our virginity. Since that night, the only other woman I've actually loved since the girl who wore the white get-up for me, has outdone the outhfit. (F.Y.I., she wore a black corset and was a thousand times sexier than the other gal.) Maybe because this time I actually knew what love was? Or I knew she was wearing the all black outfit because she knew what she needed to do when we were together? Anyway, enough about me...there's something kinda hot about a sexy lady wearing red, with one piece not matching the other. Makes it seems a lil more dirty to me for some reason. On with the show.

Enjoy the pics.

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