Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sexy 20-Something of the Week Delta White

Ladies and gentleman, boy and girls, I'd like for you all to meet the newest
Sexy 20-Something of the Week: Delta White.
Delta was born on New Years Eve 1981 (27) in some far and away part of Europe. It is said that she tends to come off shy and angelic during her scenes despite her plethora of tattoos and piercings. (I'm kinda killing three birds with this one, aren't I:
Sexy 20-Something of the Week, Shower Pic of the Week and Tattooed Women.)
Anywho, she is 5'1, 32F-26-32 and likes to take soapy bubble baths, wear thigh high socks, the electric guitar and smoking cigarettes, among other things.
Whatever, you're ready to check out her pics. Enjoy.

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