Friday, August 21, 2009

Somebody looks YUMMY again.

So, we've watched her come from her prepubescent years hanging out with fellow Mickey Mouser's to smokin'-crazy hot, to wife of a childhood friend, to divorcee, to wife of sorry excuse for a dancer, to knocked-up, to chubby, to divorcee again, to a little more than chubby, to bald (on her head), to insane asylum patient, to not so chubby, to naked-on-a-bench-in-a-locker room in her new video, to smokin'-crazy hot once again.
Thanx Brit for coming back.
Now, if we could get you to make out with, I don't know, Taylor Swift/Alicia Keys/Leona Lewis or somebody close to our age and not the retirement age (sorry Madge) it'd all be O.K.
Enjoy the pics.

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